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How to Make Payment using wire transfer.


An International Wire Transfer (also known as an International Bank Transfer) is simply a transfer of money from your bank account to ours, and can be set-up fairly easily with most bank accounts. If you have never set up an International Wire Transfer before, the first thing to do is check your bank can provide this service and how much it charges.

Setting up an International Wire Transfer can sometimes be done using your internet banking account, however many banks only provide this service over the telephone or in person at a bank branch. You will need to provide the Payee/Beneficiary details we included in your order confirmation email, the amount in USD to transfer, a reference, and the account which will pay transfer fee(s) incurred.

Please be sure to follow these instructions when setting up an International Wire Transfer:

Remittance Reason:- payment against invoice or order ID.
IFSC Code:- ICIC0000330
Company Address:- 117, First floor, Vardhman Market, Ram Vihar Delhi -110092 India.

Security policy. :-

and other important products that relieve such conditions as erectile dysfunction, obesity, and hair loss, among others. Another important area of confidence involves the safety of private information supplied at the time of ordering. We want our customers to have all confidence in this area. That is why we use the latest technology to ensure credit card information is kept safe. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption services to safeguard your information. We don’t collect the credit card information ourselves. It is collected by a PCI compliant payment processor. We are confident of their safety procedures and can pass that confidence on to our customers. delete. DHL and fedex shipping show logo on front page and 50 USD shipping in order processing also (forDHL or Fedex) . mention countries also where we ship only through DHL or Fedex only.


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How to Make Payment