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Sutent (sunitinib malate)

Sutent (sunitinib malate)

Manufacturer : Pfizer

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What is Sutent (sunitinib malate)?

This is a cancer medication which works by slowing down the growth and reproduction process of specific type of cells that are responsible for the development of cancer tumor. Cancers including progressive tumors of the pancreas, kidneys and digestive system are treated by this medicine. 

What is the appropriate dosage of Sutent (sunitinib malate)?

Since the medication is a prescription medication it should never be taken without the consultation and permission of a specialized doctor. However, Sutent capsule is usually taken one a day. The doctor may change the dosage according to your body’s suitability.

What are the Warning & Precautions before taking Sutent (sunitinib malate)?

Don't take the drug without consulting a doctor or physician .

What are the side effects of Sutent (sunitinib malate)?

Unpleasant taste in the mouth, dry skin, mild nausea, stomach upset, cough, back and joint pain, pain and swelling in the stomach, blood during vomiting or coughing, depression, nervousness, chest pain, fainting, dizziness, headache, peeling of palms and soles, missing menstrual periods, unusual bleeding and easy bruising, change in skin or hair color, dark urine, sores or white patches inside the lip or mouth, loss of appetite, weight gain or loss and hair loss are some of the side effects which may occur prior to taking this medicine. Consult your doctor as soon as possible if any of these side effects worsen or stay for a long time.

How should Sutent (sunitinib malate) be stored?

Store it at Room Temperature .


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