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Veenat 100mg Capsules

Veenat 100mg Capsules

Manufacturer : Natco Pharma

Ingredient : Imatinib Mesylate 100mg

Veenat capsules are used to treat cancer (such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, gastrointestinal and myeloproliferative diseases). Imatinib Mesylate 100mg is a chemotherapy drug that works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancerous cells in the body. We offer to buy Veenat 100mg Capsules online at the lowest price.

Package Price Unit Price  
1x120 capsules $120.00 $1.00
2x120 capsules $230.00 $0.96
3x120 capsules $300.00 $0.83
4x120 capsules $400.00 $0.83
5x120 capsules $500.00 $0.83
6x120 capsules $580.00 $0.81
7x 120 capsules $676.00 $0.80
8x 120 capsules $767.00 $0.80
9 X 120 capsules $851.00 $0.79
10x120 capsules $900.00 $0.75
12x120 capsules $1056.00 $0.73
20X120 capsules $1500.00 $0.63

What is Veenat 100mg Capsules (Imatinib 100mg Capsules)?

Veenat 100mg capsules (Imatinib 100mg Capsules) are prescribed to patients suffering from intestinal tumors and leukemia. Also, Veenat is used to treat a specific type of blood cancer known as Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). The drug may be used for some other purposes not listed in the description.

You can buy Veenat 100mg Capsules online from India as they are extremely effective for the treatment of blood cancer, intestinal tumors and leukemia.

What is the appropriate dosage of Veenat Capsules (Imatinib Capsules)?

The recommended dosage Veenat Capsules (Imatinib Capsules) between 300mg to 800mg every day depending on the type of condition you are being treated for each dose has to be taken along with a large glass of water and a meal. Those having difficulty in swallowing the capsule can dissolve it in apple juice or water. A Nacto Veenat 100mg Capsule has to be taken with all three meals every day. If the prescribed dosage is higher, then adjustments would be made by the physician.

What are the Warning & Precautions before taking Veenat 100mg Capsules (Imatinib 100mg Capsules)?

Don't take Veenat (Imatinib) Capsules without consulting a doctor or physician.

What are the side effects of Veenat 100mg (Imatinib 100mg)

Unusual bleeding, vaginal bleeding, red or purple spot under the skin, clay-colored stools, feeling short of breath, nausea, dark urine, loss of appetite, blood while coughing or vomiting, muscle weakness, body aches, flu, chills, fever, jaundice, headache, rapid weight gain and weak pulse and heart rate.

How should Veenat Capsule (Imatinib Capsule) be stored?

Nacto Veenat Capsule (Imatinib Capsule) should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat.

Disclaimer : Veenat 100mg Capsule (Imatinib 100mg Capsule)

Every piece of information about the Veenat 100mg Capsule (Imatinib 100mg Capsule) is intended to be general in nature. We neither claim any guarantee nor endorse any product or its manufacturer

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